Internet Radio

What is Internet Radio?

Although traditional radio transmitters are limited to around 100 miles or so, Internet Radio has no geographic limits. Whereas currently – dependent upon your location – you may be able to tune in to between 50 to 100 stations, by utilising the web, Internet Radio has effectively access to a vast broadcast spectrum, covering the entire planet. Internet radio is delivering more programming and more choice than ever before in the history of broadcasting!

Incredible Variety

A traditional local radio station might vary their musical output several times an hour. Imagine having instant access to a selection of at least 20,000 stations in any genre imaginable? Thanks to Internet Radio, that’s just what’s on offer. Individual stations offer dozens of station selections for very specific genres, such as Alternative Rock, Blues, Breakbeat, Folk, Soul and many, many more. Whatever you’re a fan of – you’re sure to find a station for you!

Easy Search

You can easily search for an Internet Radio station by Name, Location or Genre on your Roberts Smart Radio. If you know the name of the Internet Radio station, you can simply enter it into the Roberts Smart Radio and it will search the world for stations that match that name.

Alternatively, if you’re not sure of the name, simply select the country within which the station is located. You may also search for an Internet radio station by Genre on your Roberts Internet Radio.

If you prefer a particular type of music – Jazz, for example – you can easily search for a radio station that broadcasts that type of music, and you can choose from a list of Jazz radio stations regardless of location, or taking location into account.

Listen to Podcasts

Many stations upload radio serials, regular programmes, concerts and more ‘Podcasts’ online. With a Roberts Smart Radio, just as there are literally thousands of Internet Radio broadcasts available, there are also a wealth of Podcasts at your disposal. Just as with Internet Radio stations, finding a Podcast you want to listen to is an easy operation on your Roberts Smart Radio – you can search by location, genre, or using part of the name of the podcast and the radio show you a list of suggestions.

Fancy listening to a suspenseful drama? Catching up on this morning’s breakfast show? Getting some tips on gardening? Not a problem. All of this, and much, much more is just waiting for you to discover.


Once you have found the radio stations that you like, you may either store them as pre-sets within the radio, or add them to a list of your favourite stations which your radio can access. Our range of Roberts Smart Radios allows you to store up to 40 pre-sets and as many favourites as you like.

In the unlikely event that an Internet Radio station you want to listen to isn’t available amongst the database of 20,000+ on your Roberts Smart Radio, don’t despair. Simply create a free account at and enter the URL of the Internet Radio station you wish to listen to, register your Roberts Internet Radio with the site, and the station will appear on your Roberts Smart Radio.

Sounds great! Isn’t it hard to set-up though?

No, getting set-up and ready to listen is easy. Simply connect your Roberts Smart Radio to your home internet connection using either the wireless (WiFi) connection or the wired Ethernet connection located on the back of the unit. That’s all there is to it!

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